Betin Kenya is one of Kenya’s best betting

Betin Kenya is one of Kenya’s best betting platform among others. The gaming site was not charging customers on deposits but only on withdrawals upon winning. But as from 13.12.2017 (Wednesday) Betin Kenya will not settle your deposit charges. However, your deposit charges will be credited back to your Betin account after deposit.

Betin Kenya Returns MPESA charges

Betin Kenya is now trying to get its customers to depositing good money and getting the charges back to your account. Just as an example depositing Kes 178 will have your account credited with Kes 200 that’s inclusive of the deposit charges amounting to 22.

But the for Betin Kenya deposit charges to be credited back to your account, you will need to deposit at least Kshs. 45. Any amount below Kes 45 will not guarantee you the MPESA charges.

Is Betin Kenya tired of footing the bills for deposit charges? Or are they looking to have their uses or customers participate more. But it is a good deal considering no other betting platform in Kenya does that. The only one that has tried is BetWay but they too only allow for free deposits from Airtel Money and not MPESA.

The charges on withdrawals remain unchanged. Want 100 into your account? Then deposit 95 Bob into your Betin Kenya account and automatically receive Kes. 100.

Betin Kenya Returns MPESA Charges Impacts

Inasmuch as the company is doing its best to have and hold onto customers, again reintroducing the Betin Kenya MPESA charges will have an effect. There will be a decline which will then pick as many will be informed of this deals.

All the best to those who endeavor in online gaming or gambling. But remember, do it responsibly, it is addictive.