The Mesa County Commissioners tapping into their

The Mesa County Commissioners tapping into their capitol fund for updates at the Mesa County jail.

“We don’t have any choice and we will get sued, and we don’t want the inmates living in substandard, real bad, living conditions,” John Justman, Mesa County Commissioner, said.

They’re replacing roofs and making significant updates to their kitchen piping.

The project will take a little over two months and is already underway.

They say it isn’t a response to overcrowding at the jail, which we’ve previously reported on, these repairs have been in the works for over a year.

“The more people you have, like the kitchen, the more meals you’re going to prepare, the more water you run down the drain,” Justman said.

This project isn’t taking away from the expansion plans the jail has, the County Commissioners are looking towards a full expansion.

“We are working on it right now,” Justman said. “I believe there is engineering work being done to give us some estimates. I believe we are looking at building two additional pods.”

No word yet on how much that expansion will cost and when the expansion will start.