His business sense is wise beyond his years.Nick

His business sense is wise beyond his years.

Nick Silzell, 12, is already making big strides to becoming a successful entrepreneur. On Friday, he won the 2018 National Young Entrepreneurs Academy People’s Choice Award for his innovative pillow called the ‘Sleepy Sheepy.’

He came up with Sleepy Sheepy after joining the Grand Junction Young Entrepreneurs Academy. He said the pillow, made from bamboo fibers, has a hot side and a cold side that you can flip over at night.

“I was doing a little research and I found out bamboo does different stuff with temperature,” he said.

“He has a lot of good ideas,” said his dad Tom Silzell. “He’s a very smart kid and he thinks a lot.”

He pitched to local investors, who selected him to represent the local ‘YEA!’ chapter at the national event in Rochester, N.Y.

“It was little scary because there were a lot of older kids,” Nick said. “I was really confident in my product and I practiced a lot.”

The first place in the People’s Choice Award comes with a $20,000 scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology.

But what’s next for ‘Sleepy Sheepy’ you ask?

“We’re planning to go to China this summer and get it manufactured,” Nick explained. “Then we’re planning to see if we can sell on Amazon.”

He has one more task with the academy though. Graduation, Tuesday, with his other future business wizards.

You can learn more about the product by clicking here.